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Darjeeling Tea – First Flush 250gm


Darjeeling Tea – Second Flush 250gm


Darjeeling Tea – High Fire 250gm


Darjeeling Tea – All Seasons 250gm


FREE DELIVERY for orders worth $150 or more

Order teas worth $150 or more together and enjoy free delivery to anywhere in Australia.


Happy Customers

We believe customers are only happy when they reorder at least twice from you. And that is why we keep uniques count of customers who have ordered at least thrice from us. This count increases only when a new customer orders our products for the third time.

About us

We bring premium Bengal produces from authentic sources and deliver them to your doorstep. Starting with Darjeeling tea,  we are adding more delicacies soon from both parts of Bengal.

Why us?

We frequently import and delivered with perfect packaging to preserve freshness and premium quality. Our local teams back in Bengal consistently run quality tests and source only the produces matching our standards. We only believe in premium quality and a healthy margin which allows us to involve you in the wellbeing of the producers back home.

Our strength

Our trusted relationship with authentic producers in Bengal is the basis of delivering you fresh monthly stock.